It’s in Madison Square Garden

It’s in Madison Square Garden. And we’re a part of that. So we can’t escape that. “I want this to be my legacy,” he said at a gala in Coconut Grove in 1999 when he and his wife initially pledged $12 million to the Performing Arts Center Foundation of Greater Miami, the group behind the […]

Our pilot was a petite Japanese

Our pilot was a petite Japanese woman with jet black hair. Her feet barely reached the floor of the helicopter. With a twitch of her pinky we were in the air, racing over the tops of the ponderosa pines, soon a blur of ebony green. But Shenzhen, like all the other urban areas of China, […]

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I told him, I was just ordained. Said he was a knee bender from way back (meaning Roman Catholic). He asked me to bless him. Christian Merritt scored a natural hat trick during a six goal second period on Thursday, leading the Eugene Generals to a 7 3 win over the visiting River City Jaguars. […]

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Since my last long list of companies that you would never guess would be getting involved in the industry, a new list has formed. This summer, Geico sponsored Team SoloMid as well as an entire Hearthstone tournament series. They even managed to incorporate their “Save 15 minutes” catch phrase into the actual gameplay in creative […]

The establishment has been using

This is the brand that I have seen in several different malls across North America and Canada. Pinook is an electronic portable massager, It’s the size of an iPod nano and looks very similar to an iPod as well. It is supposed to stimulate how a real massage feels except this one is given out […]