Why You May Need Custom Android App Development in Los Angeles

  • March 2nd, 2017
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Reasons for Availing Custom Android App Development in Los Angeles

Android is the most popular operating system for mobile devices throughout the world. Many like it because it is a free and open system. There are also a multitude of free apps for Android devices. However, not many are interested in learning how to develop apps for Android. Despite the number of Android device users, only a few spend the time and effort to learn how to code for Android. Fortunately, there are those that offer custom app development services.  There are companies that offer custom Android app development in Los Angeles and in other parts of the country.

But why would you find yourself needing a custom Android app? What are the justifications in spending money to have somebody develop a custom app for Android devices? You will likely be surprised but there are a number of reasons.

For one, enterprises have specific needs that are not adequately addressed by pre-made apps or software. That’s why enterprises are increasing their spending on custom apps. A recent survey of 374 executives by CDW found that IT budget dollars are moving to custom apps. Around 48% of those surveyed reported that they increased their custom app spending over the past year and are planning on increasing their allocations for custom apps next year. Also from the same survey, it is estimated that 11% of IT budgets are spent on custom mobile applications and related tech. If you are a manager or one of the decision makers in an enterprise, you will likely find situations wherein having a custom mobile app would be useful.

Businesses commission the development of custom mobile apps for a number of reasons, from secure messaging to improving productivity, enhancing data sharing and collaboration, and marketing or promotions. There are cases when apps can be used to subtly spread brand awareness or to promote products and services. Of course, not everyone uses an iPhone so Android app development services are used by some companies.

There are also those who need custom apps for their personal or professional needs. Some may require an app to help them organize their schedules or activities. Others, professionals in particular, may want to make their jobs easier by having a personalized app that will address their needs for documentation, data storage, communication, and aggregation of feeds from various information sources.

Apps may also be created for certain events or occasions. Sports tournaments, contests, and recurring events can benefit from having a custom app created to unify information and communication. Custom apps for these events can also be used to inform and engage participants. There are many social and official events or occasions in Los Angeles and they can all benefit from having custom Android apps devoted to them.

Be it Android or iOS, custom apps can indeed be useful. There’s a reason why providers of custom mobile apps thrive. If you’re still unconvinced with the advantages of having your own custom mobile apps, you can always try the service for your business, organization, or personal use.

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