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Halcyon Innovation seeks to provide customized technology solutions to private entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses and startups. With a strong background in custom software development, Halcyon's experienced staff can provide a solution for your small business. Founded formally in 2005, the staff of Halcyon Innovation has been in the consulting industry for eight years and has provided top-notch technology solutions.

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We relish the aesthetics of the creative process, and we pride ourselves on the holistic execution of our customers’ apps and website ideas. We build entire businesses from scratch. We work from a business perspective to satisfy your particular needs and aspirations. When you work with us, we open our iPhone/Android rolodex of industry and industry related contacts.


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Finding Competent Providers of App Development in Los Angeles

What is custom mobile app development service? There are many providers of app development in Los Angeles but what needs are these services exactly addressing? If you are new to the idea of custom apps, you will likely be wondering if there is actual demand for these services. Read along and learn about the relevance of these services. Also, know the basics of finding the right provider of custom mobile app services.

The Needs Custom Mobile Apps Address

Custom mobile apps may sound capricious and unnecessary but they actually serve sensible uses. For businesses in particular, custom apps address needs that are not adequately covered by pre-made and traditional solutions. A growing number of companies are now spending some part of their IT budgets for fully or partially personalized applications to be used in their day-to-day operations. These unique mobile apps are meant for the exclusive use of an office or business operation.

Personnel who regularly travel or move from one branch or business site to another greatly benefit from custom mobile apps. These apps provide functions or features that perfectly suit the environment or setup in which they are to be used. They can enable more secure communication among employees, facilitate file sharing and collaboration on the go, or serve as a common platform for accessing business information and updates. Some custom apps may also be used to convert smartphones into product code scanners or to make tablets act as handy tools in monitoring items in warehouses.

Custom mobile apps may also be used by businesses for marketing or promotions. Instead of creating them to be used internally, they can be designed for public use. They can be used to reach potential customers and raise brand awareness. A free productivity app or a game that shows a company's brand name or products can be a good way to do subtle marketing to smartphone or tablet users. Instead of paying for ads displayed on other apps, a company can have a custom app or game developed to flash advertisements to the app's users. It would even be possible for the app to become highly popular and get covered by blogs and traditional media. A mobile company, for example, can distribute a free messaging app that can be used by subscribers of competing companies to allow them to experience the services of the company and convince them to move.

Essentially, custom mobile apps are offered to those who want to have their apps with their specified functions and features but are unable to develop such apps on their own. Even individuals can request to have their own custom apps developed.

Finding Quality Custom App Developers

Of course, not all custom mobile app development service providers are the same. Some are better than others. You would always want to choose the better ones. To properly examine your choices, assess them based on the following factors:

  • Reputability and Expertise - A reputable company is one that has the experience and expertise in doing custom mobile applications. To decide whether a company is reputable or not, be sure to check their portfolio of works and to ask for feedback from their previous clients. It helps asking for referrals from people you know and reading reviews about the companies you are considering. Also, it would be preferable if you can actually try using the apps they list in their portfolio. It's important that the apps they do are free from bugs, highly responsive, efficient (does not lead to memory leaks), and easy to use. You may also observe the projects they have completed. Are they experts in Android app development or can they prove that they are also excellent iPhone developers? Of course, if you need a custom iOS app, you can't reasonably choose a company whose portfolio is mostly made of Android projects.
  • Terms and Conditions of the Service - It's not enough that a company is reputable. You also have to know how the app development process works. You have to ascertain that you will be largely involved in the process to make sure that the features and functions you want are properly incorporated. There is also a need to set a timeline for the completion of the project. Moreover, you have to make sure that there is after-development support. Apps rarely get developed perfectly so problems may emerge as they are used. These problems need patching or fixes, something only the developer can be expected to do.
  • Price - Without ditching the emphasis on service quality, it's advisable to also examine the prices. Custom mobile apps cost money. You can just disregard the price factor. There are companies that offer quality service while still offering affordable rates.

For enterprises, custom mobile apps are a great way to increase productivity and efficiency, enable remote working, facilitate communications, provide sales support, and enhance data access. They create clear benefits when properly planned and designed. Just be sure that you are choosing the right custom mobile app developer. We would love to chat with you to see if you are the right fit to work with Halcyon Innovation.

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