Privacy policy

We value your privacy so much that we go to the extent of developing this policy so that you will be able to understand the manner by which we collect, utilize, convey, and divulge and utilize personal information. Outlined below is our privacy policy.

Prior to or during the process of gathering personal information, we will ascertain the reason why such information is gathered.

We will gather and utilize personal information only to achieve the objective the goals that we outlined and for related purposes, unless we acquire the permission of the individual or as necessitated by law.

We will only keep personal information as needed for the accomplishment of those purposes.

Our method of collecting personal information will be through lawful and fair means, and whenever applicable, with the explicit knowledge or permission of the individual involved.

Data related to personal circumstances must be of relevance to the purposes for which is gathered and, as necessary for the stated purposes, must be precise, comprehensive, and current

Personal information will be safeguarded using reasonable security measures against theft or loss, alongside with unpermitted access, disclosure, modification, copying, or utilization.

We will readily provide our customers information regarding our policies and procedures related to how we manage personal information.

We have a deep commitment to conduct our business according to these principles to guarantee the maintenance and protection of personal information.